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Life’s chaiotic and I love it. How does a cup ofย  well made chai feel after a journey? Yummazing. This picture was taken after checking in the hotel room, when V and I decided to enjoy a cup before anything else. Oh, we bonded over tea while we were dating ๐Ÿ™‚

Life’s just better when there’s chai. Enough said….

Thankfully, along with some amazing Coffee chains, we see a lot of new cafes opening in Delhi and NCR that serve some tantalizing tea. Definitely a treat for the chai-o-holics like me.

This post is not about my favorite tea joints in Delhi though. It’s about my favorite things in life, it’s about simple, small joys….that don’t even cost much.

If you try and focus, there’s happiness all around us. One of the reasons why I picked up blogging was to focus my energy on all things positive as well as express what’s in my heart (even if it’s a dark thought ) to get a perspective, to fathom my own heart.

Deviated ๐Ÿ™‚ haha.

So – CHAI. Definitely. One of my favorite things in life.


Can you stop it

Don’t let it nag for too long. It becomes a disease. And you know what happens when you let a disease go unchecked. It does what it does. Something dies. Can you afford death? Can you afford to stay alive after death?


I am home. My parents’ home. This is where I can be a brat…where I can shout, where I can throw legit tantrums, where I can behave like I am the most important person in the world (at least for the people in the room!)

Oh I feel so good. It’s 2:15 am. I was watching videos, reading blogs, not being talked to – not having to talk back. Sometimes, it’s nice to just be on your own. I spent the longest time of my existence in my own company. Right from childhood, I have preferred my own space. Well, you get used to it. And then it’s a challenge when you have to share.

It’s adorable how my husband and I share a bed and yet take only half the space, well that’s love but then sometimes, I like to be like..



haha. Yep. I like to hog the bed. But then, tonight…. I miss my co-hogger. You get used to sharing space after a while I guess. Marriage.

Anyway! This post is not about “marriage”, it’s not about anything in particular actually. I just feel good and I wanted to share it. Like this view I woke up to after a nap in the afternoon (life is good. afternoon naps are good. waking up to chai made by mom is good.) A splendid feeling in my heart.



Yes that was life before marriage – extremely pampered. And now I get it in bits and pieces but then I got something very precious and rare in exchange. The love of a man who loves me more than he loves himself. A dangerous thing, you get very addicted to that kind of love. I think being pampered is in my destiny. This one does it too, as good as my mom mostly. My father wins though ๐Ÿ™‚

I am feeling lucky….

Yes love and all is great. But there is a fridge I am going to crawl into now that is full of things I love. Specially at 3 am.

Oooh, I shopped last Sunday and one of the things was this sexy pair of sunglasses. I think I am developing a temptation to collect sunglasses now…. as they say, “big sunglasses hide all sins.” .. from the previous night or otherwise ๐Ÿ™‚



Good night!




A special song ~

We’ve been running with confidence
To find someone to love
And take off on a free fall
No matter where we’re gonna land

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– Juliet Ariel / ~ Take me with you ~ \

A beautiful habit renewed :)

There was a time when I used to finish all the stories in my English and Hindi course books before the new session had even begun. Needless to say, I loved reading. And after college, I somehow just lost it. I say I lost it because I stopped reading, as much as I used to. And since then, “I will pick up reading” was always #2 on the New Year Resolutions list. (No points for guessing #1. The most overresolved resolution all over the world. Thou art gettofy fit!). Ok so reading. It was not on the list this year, well there was no list this year. I got married. And only the hotels and tickets to the honeymoon destination were on the mind while people were thinking about their resolutions.

Anyway. Somewhere around February, as I was settling in my new home and making small alterations to the ex-bachelor’s room to suit my taste, I came across a book shelf on Urban Ladder and it was one of those “i want this in my room!!” moments. Ordered, set up, unread books stacked. I felt happy! And so resumed this beautiful habit after years. I am not setting up a target of number of books to read in 2018. I am going to go with the flow without adding any pressure.

So…. just finished this light chicklit that I picked up from Crossword bookstores. Oh, I love bookstores. You just cannot step out empty handed. There’s always something that you can pick.. even if it’s just cute stationary.

Deviated! ugh.

BOOK! “Encounters of a fat bride”

Author: Samah Visaria

Publisher: Penguin

Pages: 216

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This one is perfect for a quick light-hearted read and so relate-able specially for the ones who have gone through ‘dates’ arranged by the parents, for the sake of getting married! I have dealt with that and oh, it is awkward! And now when I look back – hilarious!

Reading Madhurima Pandey’s ( the narrator and the protagonist ) story took me back to those days and I smiled. This one is a happy book. Samah Visaria’s protagonist is not an “ideal body shape” (according to the society).ย She is a little overweight. It’s not just the society’s notion that it’s not ideal though. We tend to bodyshame our own selves without realizing it. And so does Madhurima.

What I liked was how she gets out of the complex of being ‘fat’ and realizes how unimportant these things are when it comes to your life-partner, your best friend. I liked how honest this girl was when it came to addressing her emotions, how she reaches a place where she goes to spy on someone but ends up healing her own self. Well, it’s cute – this book ๐Ÿ™‚ Go for it on a day when you don’t need anything heavy. You will get a glimpse into an insecure person’s psyche.

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This cute little bookmark is a gift from Varun to me. Small joys that mean the world.

Alrighty! I am ready to start the next one. Hope I finish it soon, it’s a bestseller by an extremely reputed author. I shall share that with you once I’m done! xoxo



Dip โค


It’s been a while since I posted anything. I was going through something. What thing? Well, I wish I knew! So I am going to stick to “something”. I thought he was being insensitive when he thought it was PMS but now when I look back, I’m like….maybe it was.ย 

Anyway! I am out of that something-zone for now. Keywords: For now.

So! I went for a road trip with my husband last week to bring in my 36th birthday. Why do I emphasize so much on the age, the age people tend to hide or lie about. Because hey, I am loving this age. I mean…my knees and back are okay, hair’s not falling, memory is intact, I don’t see wrinkles yet, I have no food restrictions, no one is calling me aunty! So yay, it’s like how I used to be when I was 25, on a sleepy day~

So what has changed? A few things have…for sure. I am a Scotch and Coke kind of girl now. I know the importance of saying NO. I now agree with the idea of planning a little in advance. Not too much though! I am still a ‘live in the moment’/ ‘have money – will spend’ kind of a person. But sometimes, in certain matters it’s just better to keep it sorted. Saves you from losing your shit a couple of months from now. Oh yeah, that’s how far I’d go.

( I can say that because I don’t have a kid to take care of yet. )

Something basic about me: I am between two extremes. Borderline depressed and happy-go-lucky. When I am neither of those two, I am sleeping.

Coming back to the birthday…. oh it was sweet. The first when I was away from my parents. The first that I celebrated with my man, away from the city we live in. There was a birthday kiss, there was a delicious cake, there was a birthday tantrum, a heart-to-heart conversation and there was a little dance. In the end, I was just grateful to be with someone who loved me so much.ย BDAYPOST (1 of 1)-1


BDAYPOST (1 of 1)-2


BDAYPOST (1 of 1)-3
Resort De Coracao – Jim Corbett. It was lovely staying here!
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The Birthday ~


BDAYPOST (3 of 4)
The Morning After



BDAYPOST (4 of 4)
Leaving sweet notes for your significant other after shower…. You gotta do that!


So….. thank you girl, for making it thus far. I know you fight your demons, there are days when you just want to give it up, there are times when you scream for help…but look at the bright side, there are people who will always be there when you need help.

This birthday, I have resolved to practice gratitude again. I left it somewhere along the way and then I went through “something”. *eyeroll*

Oh, update: I have enrolled myself in Yoga classes and they are just brilliant. I recommend it to anybody who is going through any sort of trouble – emotional / physical…

Just pick it up. It’s a gift you will give to yourself.

Oh!! Also, I have ordered something. I am not an online shopper but I came across this website. And I am waiiiiting. If it’s nice – it will land up here on the blog soon.

โค Love,



The end is always about a new beginning



…and this is the beginning of my story. The story I am not aware of yet. No I am not looking for any answers, never have. Heck, there has to be a question for that.

Maybe I do have a question. Where am I going? For I have only been flowing. For the first time in my the 36 years of my existence, I want to know, for sure…where am I going?

I just heard a voice tell me… , “keep on flowing.”

So let’s flow.

I read somewhere, just a few minutes back, that writing is the painting of the voice. I am not a conversationalist, by any means. I like writing. Expression is essential and in my case, it’s rarely ever been vocal. So, I am taking up Blogging. A virtual diary… titled “The Black Velvet Diary” (it just sounded beautiful in my head and it looks good on the screen too, also, the URL was thankfully available! Isn’t it a good feeling?)

It’s DAY’s Chapter 1. And I am already looking forward to the rest of today, unlike a few minutes ago.

Thank you, The Black Velvet Diary. My new friend. โค